Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Power of Coupons to get Freebies

I Got All These Items for Free!!

I have recently become a member of several coupon blogs and have been learning a lot about using coupons to reduce your grocery bills. Check out these two blogs to learn more about couponing http://www.dealseekingmom.com/ and http://www.thefreebieblogger.com/. Regular updates on the blogs inform you of the latest and best deals. One of the best features of http://www.dealseekingmom.com/ is the "Deals of the Week" for WalMart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. Each week, the author informs you of coupons you can use, with products at regular or sales price to get huge savings, in addition to many free items. I have been saving coupons for months now and decided to put my coupon use to the test. I got all the items in the picture above for FREE!!! Here is the breakdown:

(11) Johnson and Johnson Bath Bars - retail for $0.98 each (used 11 coupons I purchased for approx. $1.00 on Ebay)

(3) HEB Infant Pain Relief Drops - retail for approx. $5.50 each (used coupons I received at the HEB Baby & Child Expo)

(1) HEB Gas Relief Drops - retail for approx. $3.25 (used coupons I received at the HEB Baby & Child Expo) (I'll be giving this to Kristin)

(2) Huggies Pull Ups Flushable Wipes - retail approx. $1.64 each (Printable coupon - $2.00 off any Huggies Diaper Product http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qinjblu9829492&bt=vi&o=57463&c=HG&p=7gaQhPFm )

(4) Kotex Pantiliners (small package) - retail $1.00 each (Used coupon for $1.00 off any Kotex product)

(1) Clorox Bleach - retail $1.89 (Got free with purchase of Clorox 2 for Colors)

(1) Bath & Body Works Trail Size Lotion -retail $5.00 (Used coupon received in mail for free trail size product, no purchase necessary - sign up at http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/ at the bottom of the page - current offer says "free with any purchase")

(1) JC Penny Toddler Outfit - retail value $9.98 (Used $10 or purchase of $10 coupon I received in mail for being a card holder - I get these every 3 months or so)

Grand Total Savings = Approx. $ 54.68

I am hoping that by posting my savings, you will be inspired to start couponing too!! Plus, I am proud of my accomplishment!! Check my blog again soon for more information on how to get freebies like this and awesome savings too!

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