Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walmart vs. HEB - My Pick

Most of the blogs I get my freebie and saving information from pairs up coupons with Walmart's prices. I have heard that shopping at Walmart saves you a lot more money than shopping at HEB. I tried using my coupons at Walmart and had nothing but problems (with the cashier that is) and only left with about 1/2 of what I went in for because the cashier wouldn't let me use particular coupons (which I should have been able to use according to Walmart's Coupon Policy). In addition, I got the classic "come on" huffs and puffs from the customers waiting in line behind me!! Note: when using multiple coupons, be sure to inform the cashier prior to the transaction that you will be using multiple coupons, therefore she/he has the option of closing the lane until the transaction is complete to prevent this problem. If she/he chooses not to turn off their light indicating the lane is closed, than the "come on" huffing and puffing is her/his problem, not mine ;) !!! Anyway, I used the rest of my coupons at HEB. I found that the prices at HEB were comparable to Walmart!! Most items were the same price, and those that were different were only by about .01 - .05 cents. I personally am willing to pay a few more cents for the convenience and customer service that HEB provides!!! I simply used the self check out line and had NO problems scanning my coupons and receiving my discounts. So, in the future I think I will use HEB rather than Walmart to redeem my coupons. There system makes the entire process go a lot smoother! Please note that any post I make on here will list Walmart's price as that is the information I have access to, but know that these prices are similar to HEB's and you can still get these savings at HEB as well! Happy Shopping Friends!!!

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